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Quis es in Corde

Amo quae me amat , qui desidero desidera

te beata sum persona quae velit esse mea ...

Sed quis enim moror quod hoc si faceret me felicem


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xtau urus bl0g sendiri ...

nak ade bl0g sendiri ..!! eleh ,,, bla r ...
aina ni BERANGAN je r ....

nak ade bl0g sendiri kne pandai2 r nak letak 2 letak ni ...

ni x .. s0h 0rg ni r 0rg 2 r ..
00o0 .. aina ,,
peliknye r aina ni .. serabut aq ngn aina ni .. wt pening err ..

ermmm .. p xpe r .. sbb da ade bl0g bru nak ungkit ..
pandai sangat sampai menyusahkan 0rg ... nnt kne blaja ngn 0rg yg pandai pasal bl0g ni , passw0rd da merata-rata 0rg yg tau ni ...

nak tukar p0wn da xtau nak tukar kat ne kne tnye 0rg lain lagi .... kne mengucap panjang ni ..

xpenting mmg xbrp la .. p nak cantikkan bl0g supaye 0rg nak f0ll0w ... nak tnye 0rg ni segan ,, p bile tnye 0rg tu xsegan plak ..

klu cmni baek xyh ade bl0g p nak jgk ade bl0g ..

xbest p0wn ade bl0g klu f0ll0wer xramai mcm 0rg2 yg cantik , c0mel & dll ....
f0ll0wer ramai bru r best .... eeerrmmm .. tulisan yg ik0t arr0w klu k0rang gerakkan m0use k0rang ,, xde 0rg nak t0l0ng ,, k0s0ng la bl0g aq ...

ermm .. k r , serabut plak aq cite pasal diri aq sendiri yg xpandai urus bl0g sendiri ..

you're the one that I life for . your eyes, your lips, your gentle soul . I've longed for someone just like you who cares for me the way you do, and you know. that i am in love . . . you're given me everything your LOVE , your HEART, your LIFE, unselfishly . and I know , That i am . not enough you said to me, "I Love You" you're more, than i could ask for you . the first time that i saw you . you were nothing but a boy . But then i realized that i must , save you from what ?? ever threat was craving for you soul . And now I know, I cannot live without you . you're the reasons why i still am . alive and I'll watch, you from now until . "ETERNITY" Please stay by my side forever . That's all that I can ask for you . You have NO idea how much you truly . "mean to me"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

belajar ! belajar ! belajar !

wh00 .. penatnye belajar ..
       belajar mcm2 tuh !!
belajar bm , bi , pi , ge0 , sj & etc
penting skit .
 belajar bahasa ASING.. haha ..
xbley bgtau myeh blaja bhse ape

p pening r .. padahal bc kamus er ..
p biase bc kamus r susa ..
penat myeh ... 
klu ckp bhse asing müde .. haha 

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